The PayDay Gang


"Don't you be tricky now! Chains hates tricky." —Chains

Chains, also known as Nicolas, 37-year-old. A 10-year military veteran, he wears a white, blue, and pink mask,


"Segern är vår, segern är vår, vi har vunnit, segern är vår! (Victory is ours, victory is ours, we won, victory is ours!)" —Wolf

Wolf is a 34-year-old Technician from Sweden. He wears the white and red demon mask.


"Eat this, asswipes!" —Dallas

Nathan Steele, a.k.a. Dallas, is a 44-year-old chain smoking American Mastermind. He wears the American flag mask during heists.


"It's Payday fellas!" —Hoxton

Hoxton is the codename used by James Hoxworth, the Fugitive (formerly Sharpshooter) from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. He has two brothers, possibly more. He wears a pink and white Clown mask.